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Made a video

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so this is a very short game. It is an alpha version of the game so can't really say anything about the game. I wish there was some jumpscare and scary moments but unfortunately there wasn't. Anyways so here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it!


This was interesting to play! Not a lot of gameplay as its only 4 minutes long, but it is a good start and sort of reminds my of spooky's house of jumpscares as far as its art style goes. I hope you enjoy the video!

Had potential, didn't really amount to anything, unfortunately. The visuals were nice, though there was a little too much motion blur for my taste. Nice job regardless!

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Thank you for playing. 

I kind of had to cut out some stuff to fit in time. I guess I need to learn to plan better, or program faster. :)

EDIT: you were not the first to mention motion blur, so I cut back on it in new build. :)

I loved the ending, even if it was a bit short! Great entry for a jam! 

*Rurr* - I gave the game a go and tried it out, a lot shorter than I was expecting, reminds me a bit of Into the Gloom - am sure there's a lot that could be expanded if this game sought to become larger than its 48-hour form, but who knows :p